He is divorced and has a kid, should I date him?

Lately I met very nice boy, he is divorced since few months and he has a kid, 6 years old boy.

He is 27. I like him but I am not sure if I should date him or become his girlfriend.. because I am looking for something serious, I don't want to lose time for something else.

And he will have to always divide his time between kid and me, he will always pay for this kid.. and I am not sure if I am upto it..

And I should decide now, because later I may get attached to him, fall in love.

What do you think?


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  • yes but you will have to be nice and care about the kid too.


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  • I think if he is a nice guy (and especially a good dad) and you guys click, then go for it. Who knows you may be what was intended for him and he may realize how much more he could love you than his ex. Being a single father I can attest that we will find ways to be a good Boyfriend because nobody wants to be alone, if you're his "one" he'll love & respect you. But be careful if he isn't a good person. Hope this helps : ))


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  • once guys have kids I don't like them as I would if htey didn't have kids