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Would a straight girl date a bi guy like myself?

i'm 18 year old guy, that likes girls mostly. but the thing is that I found out a few months ago that I also find guys to be hot. Would you date... Show More

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  • I'd have no issue with it at all. Yes, I'd date a bisexual man.

    • Thanks for BA :-)

    • you're welcomed :)

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  • There have been many questions like this and from what I've noticed the majority of guys don't mind if their girlfriend is bi. The majority of girls do not want their boyfriend to be attracted to men at all.

    • That's true - the jealous twats that they are...Notice how guys have no problems with bisexual women, but women are EXTREMELY weary of bisexual men? ;)

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    • So far I'm heading my words on this question though...

    • eating*

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