Do I tell him how I actually feel or hold this front?

I've always thought this dude was hot! I met him on a dating site and met him in person. He was all I ever dreamed. When he became distant I let him go but he came back again. This time I just agreed to sleep with him and be friends with benefits because he's so gorgeous and I wanted it before he left again... Well come to find out he's a little small down there. He text me first now usually and says adorable things. He also quit getting on the dating site. Should I try and be more then FWB?

I mention that he's smaller because maybe it has something to do with why he stopped speaking to me before..


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  • If you want to be with him, then yes of course. Why are you even asking this?

    • I'm asking because we both agreed on being friends with benefits and I don't want to just assume he wants more then that because he's acting different. I do like sleeping with him and if I over step it he might back off. I did have a mind set going in this so I wouldn't hurt myself but I feel like he's trying hard to break it. So I'm to the point where I feel like I'm just fronting.. But what if he's testing me..


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  • i would give it a shot to not have a regret

  • well give it a shot but don't get your hopes up just try it