So I have totally embarrassed myself how do I fix this

I thought I was being smart but now I feel embarrassed, I didn't handle a breakup well due to the fact I got a text from my ex that said he met someone new, not to call, and he did not wish to be friends, so I didn't leave him alone, I messed up I told him I wanted to have sex with him even if there was no commitment, and I would do anything for him, I sent this along with half naked pics, and than I still text. I was so hurt that he did not respond that now I feel like an ass and I don't know if I can make this better. I'm sure he hates me and will never want to see me again. What do I do?


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  • ill second what dutchatheist said.

    he isn't going to respond to anything you say to him now. delete all those messages and move on. maybe send him one last message asking him delete those pictures you sent (just to be safe)

    maybe in the future (and I mean much farther into the future, like a year or two) you can talk casually when these feelings have passed, but for now, don't dwell on someone who wants nothing to do with you

    • you know Its been 2.3 weeks and I finally waking up realizing that I blew it. Its such a grieving process a break up. The bargaining, pleading, desperation. The thing is I'm none of those and now that I look at all those texts I even think its pathetic. My biggest problem is I'm a Leo and I'm stubborn and I want my way, but I know I can't always get that.

    • idk how much your sign has to do with it but its normal to feel bad like that after a break up. best bet is to just cut off all contact for a while and find something else that makes you happy

    • My fire sign is stubborn, but we finally understand after being hit on the nose a few times. Than we accept. I agree just cut off all contact.


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  • i don't think you totally embarassed yourself

  • just move on, don't contact him again.