Texting more, who should text first?

Well my girlfriend of a month texts me first everyday. Now she knows I love to text and not call cause I'm working. She doesn't text much after initiating it. My question is, should I initiate more and text her more or just let it go? Do woman like a guy texting her a lot or just a little?


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  • Well if you've only been with her for a month a little during the day like myabe 2 or 3 times a day is good but anymore than that, makes you kinda seems desprite then...I love getting text during the day say how much I love and miss you...so I love it!

  • I like it when a guy texts me, but over-doing it wouldn't be cool, trust me. My friend has a guy that texts her all the time and she's sick and tired of it. :P She'll only be annoyed.


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