Guys help...what should I do?

i have been dating this guy for sometime...rarly see ea. other due to schedule conflicts but he does keep in touch weekly and try to make plans.

one time I had time and asked if he wants to meet...he didn't get back to me till late nihgt...he was available (a month ago)

sometime passed by...he wanted to see me,..called me and chatted for an hr. had great conversation...and planned day I call to confirm..he said he can't meet earlier due to work (I understand) and asked if he wants to cancelled and meet up next time...he insisted he wanted to see me and get I picked the restaurant. 2 hr. before date, he called to cancel saying he is very sick..might be something he ate or worked ... so I teased he will have to make it up..he said he will when he gets back next time and will go to the place I said I wanted to go...

so I am wondering if he is blowing me off...leading me on...


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  • Kind of hard to tell if he is leading you on or not. It could just be a string of bad luck, or he may just be keeping a backup fish on the line while he's reeling in another, so to speak.

    I know it sucks when you get lead on, I had a girl do that to me once. We had been talking for awhile, and I'd been helping her with some issues in her life. I asked her out on a date and she said yes, then when I called to confirm the day of the date, she told me she had gotten back together with her ex, who had cheated on her with another girl and got the other girl pregnant. That was a real self-esteem killer.


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  • i think he is just keeping you like an option


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  • i think eh is kind of leading me on

    • i feel the same ;(

      i said you have to make it up to me..then he said he will be back next week and we can go out...

  • i think he's showing interest but he doesn't hav eenough time but I don't think he's leading you on.

    • thank always make me wonder... :(

    • pay a lot of attention and it might be easier to see what's going on