Dumped me after I waited for him for 2 years!? Help!

I met my boyfriend 4 years ago when he fell madly in love with me. He wanted us to date but I knew he had to go away for military service for 2 years. He persuaded me for half a year and I became his girlfriend. So 2 years ago he went to the army and I waited for him for 2 years. We talked on the phone nearly every day and he said he was crazy for me. He came back in 2 years and everything was fine for the first month. Suddenly yesterday, without a reason, he texted me the followin: "I am sorry I have to say this to you, but we can no longer be together. Try to forget me soon, sorry". Now he wouldn't answer my calls... What is going on? Does anyone have an idea? After 3.5 years of dating and me waiting for him for 2 years he breaks up with me for no reason and says it by a text message?


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  • That is sad, I'm sorry this happened to you. Obviously something changed in him while he was away. Only he could tell you what it is, assuming he knows himself. Was he in a combat situation? That can cause lots of mental and emotional problems...

    I would guess that he broke up using a text because he feels very guilty about making you wait and then dumping you. He knows how much he has hurt you, but for some reason he feels cannot be a part of your life. Whether he feels you are better off not knowing the reason, or he is just embarrassed at his actions is impossible to tell. Since he is no longer communicating with you, you can either accept his decision or convince him (via a letter) that whatever the cause you need to know and you will never be happy unless you know why he did this. He still may not tell you, but I can't think of any other approach. However, you first have to decide if you can handle the reason, whatever it might be...


      Give your dude time to deal and hopefully he will be open to talk about it soon. And be open-hearted with your thoughts if you can because since he hurt you - you might just want to argue your point for validity!


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  • I am sure that when he came out he tried to be together with you just to test it (because he cares about you, but wasn't that interested after the first month, and decided to be free again. Now he wants to go out clubbing and be single (meet other girls), because after two years in a army he hasn't really had the opportunity to be free and do whatever he wants. . I am very sorry this happened to you :(

  • i am sorry that this happened to you and I hope you get love soon