Should I date him or ditch him?

I have had a history with this guy for almost 10 years. We have know each other since we were babies and we grew up together. We have liked each other off and on for 10 years. 3 years ago he asked me out and I said no because at that time I didn't like him. So he dated another girl. Thenlast year he asked me out again but I had to think about it and found out that he liked 2 others girls at the same time so I said no, and I started getting over him, but just recently he started flirting with me once again and I can't help but look into his deep blue eyes and forget everything he has done to me but I know I can't date him because of everthing he has done to me. So should I date him or ditch him?


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  • obviously ditch him


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  • if I were you I wouldn't be with him