I made a mess of things not intentionally

So I blew up my ex phone with up and down text messages of how I missed him, to I'm doing good hope we can be friends, to sending pics half naked wanting to have sex, and than finally the person he's with started calling my phone with restricted number. So me I sent him a last text explaining how I psychologically excused because when people break up they go through a grieving period and than I sent an attachment. I also let him know that she was obsessed, & had trust issues. Its psychologically proven. Especially when a chick goes through a guys phone and they just get with him. Its not right. Anyway I told him I was letting him go and going to move on and maybe in the future we'll talk. Now it's been 4 days almost. I wish now I would never have sent any texts I sounded so desperate that even I don't want to talk to me. Now I heard you guys never forget these guy of things, but do you guys think that if time goes by and I don't text he may call again or kinda forget these texts?

By the way this question is aimed towards men if you females who are rude can read actually took a moment to read you would see that at the end of the sentence I asked do you guys think, hence the word guys.


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  • i don't think he will text again


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  • if he is smart he won't text back


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  • guys can be unisex you know? but well other than that I think you should cool down.

  • Omg... why would you do that? Tbh, it did make you seem desperate & very. You didn't play your cards right.. you shouldn't have texted/called him saying that you missed him because you just looked weak & it probably made his ego boost up.

    • I realize that, that's why I feel upset. I acted on my emotions, but last time we took a break we made up and he said how happy he was that I fought for him, and I told him yeah the more a girl pushes the more I push back. Cause this same chick kept blowing up my phone during our break.

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    • I know I wish I would of, but I could say that all day. This whole thing was a mess and I lost like over 14lbs, I lost sleep, I hate break ups. Especially when a guy text you and breakup and tells you he met someone else. And than the sameday the new chick was calling me and than saying I was a whore it was horrible. I wanted to fight but I was going camping. Anyway at least its been almost 4 days now since I called, but it still hurts:(

    • Aww I know how you feel :/ being broken up with hurts a lot. I was really hurt also but I resisted myself. I think its normal to stil cry over it because it really helps. Cry and mourn all you want but keep it to yourself or a close friend.