I never end up with the one I like the most.

Typically, while single, I'm talking to (or at least trying to) a few girls at a time to broaden my search. I try not to be too direct because I am naturally a nice guy (I've learned now being so nice all the time is a turnoff, so even though I hate it, I push a little game here and there).

Getting a girl is not really my problem. I'll always have girls around, but I place them in a list in my head on a scale of ones I like/want the most. -And what it really always tends to boil down to is the one who talks to me the most... -As they are the only ones who are genuinely interested.

Like right now, I'm talking with two girls right now. (this is a slow month) One from college, another from a dating site

I am more interested in the one from college, but she's slow on responding to texts, just got out of her first relationship (which went nowhere) and doesn't have much dating experience at all. But I am ever so attracted to her. We have a lot more in common since we both Love and create art.

Then we have the one from the dating site. Surprisingly for once, someone sent me a message (it wasn't an excellently worded message, it was literally just "hi". -But hey, I take what I can get.) Now her, I think she's attractive, she's closer to my age and she has her own money, she engages me on her own, but I feel like if I end up with her, I'm just doing it because she's the only one to respond to my advances.

What should I do about this?


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  • well don't just talk to her becuas eyou feel desperate but not exactly like her. find a girl you are attracted to and then put all your attention on her.


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  • Broadening your search is a game that must be played by all players indirect or not, somebody has to lose and somebody has to win...The game of Monopoly!

  • Take it one step at a time and stop plying the old tired games everybody know about. A kid in the candy store!

  • well when you know you like her more try to give he rmore attention and study what she does.


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