On a scale from one to 10, how mad would you be?

Been dating my guy for three months. Both are almost 30 and great for the most part. Tonight, I am either overreacting or this is a red flag of his behavior when he goes out.

he went out to a bar with his uncle and aunt who are known for drinking very heavily. drinking had already started and he was a little obnoxious asking me to come out. told him I had my dog and I thought that was it. I am house sitting for my brother that I was not there when I was talking to him on the phone so I would have to drop her off. he quit talking to for couple hours and then calls back needing a ride home at 1030. I'm a little irritated because he is very spacey and distracted but I agree to pick him up. I don't know where the bar is at and he said he will call me right back. he knew I was down the road from him. I parked on the side of the road and waited for 20 minutes and called no answer then I waited 10 more minutes and called again and sent him text messages. I'm looking at my call history feeling dumb and psychotic from calling ten times and texting up until midnight. Was supposed to come back here afterward. I even cancelled plans to go out just so I can pick him up because he was feeling claustrophobic.

Sorry for the bad grammar I'm on my cell phone and a little too irritated to do the actual texting


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  • 10.

    That behavior is extremely disrespectful; it's quite understandable that you're upset.

  • 10!

    Nothing pisses me off more than cancelling my plans to help someone, only for them to flake. Especially when drinking is involved.

    • I just texted him and told him that I'm going to drop off his stuff. luckily my plans are back on

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  • 20. I would be really mad haha

  • 10 for sure what a d*** move on his part!