Stressed out about a potential relationship with girl I really like

I really like this girl but the whole though of being in a "relationship" with her has been stressing me out , I don't know why its been buging me so much but were not even dating yet although we have hung out a bit and done some stuff together on public so were close to dating . I don't know if I'm scared I'll get hurt or rejected if I try to get to serious all of a sudden with her . or I'm just not 100% sure what she wants or maybe I'm scared of a serious commitment even though I'd enjoy dating someone like her


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  • Don't over analyze it, if it's meant to be it will happen naturally. Of course getting her on date will help you gauge where she stands! Sounds like your in the infatuation stage.. Just relax, if she likes you I am sure she is in the same stage also..

    Good luck!

    • what does that mean. if its meant to be... is slavery meant to be? disease? torture? rape? famine? these things 'happen'. are they 'meant to be'?

    • You seem really negative.. Are there any positives that you can forsee as meant to be? Like staring a family, winning a lottery, getting in a healthy relationship, and helping people when they need it..

    • as the person who asked the question I'd say a relationship with this girl be a really positive experience for me and hopefully something she'd enjoy as well , anyways stuff has been happening naturally but its taking a long time consider she lives just down the road from me , maybe that's why its stressful as it keeps dragging on with no end or exact clue where its headed


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  • i think you should try to flirt with her and if she responds well to it you can ask her out

    • yeah we do talk and stuff , I saw her on Friday and we sat at a table on patio at pub together and seemed to get along great , I'm just not sure what she wants from me and how to go about getting even more serious with her

  • Just be friends and see what happens. Don't rush it.

    • that's sort of what I've been doing and she does at times seem interested , to be honest I'm not one to really do relationships but I would like to date her for some reason , but I know this can't go on forever the just getting to know her stage and at some point you either have to take it to next level or move on

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  • You should just ask her out.