Please help! Do you think he is interested or not? Really long question but please help!

Sorry This is so long but id be so grateful if you could help me OK so when we first met this guy I thought he was a total douche then as the night went on I was getting this vibe that he was hardcore flirting with me and after we went home he immediately got my number from a friend and we started texting and playing video games. We talked quite a bit then we hung out and he was super sweet and wouldn't let me walk on the outside of the road or pay for anything, hold the bag of food ect. When we were leaving we hugged and left. Then the next time we hung out it wasn't really anything special just him helping with my biology homework but when I left we were in front of his house so I got no hug (I'm guessing it was because his family was right there but whatever). Then we started hanging out and talking and this is where I get confused... He thinks that I "should have the balls in this relationship" and wants me to text him first and all that sh*t. But sometimes he will send me a snapchat then ill reply and he won't or ill text him a question and he will kind of answer it but not really... Then won't reply? I've heard he is a player from multiple friends but some of them say he has never done the polite type things he did for me, for other girls. He is constantly telling me when need to hangout but when I text him and say "can you hangout tomorrow? (:" he will reply with a maybe or I don't know yet and when I tell him to text me if he is free, he doesn't text me. He sends me hearts and calls me his girlfriend to other guys on call of duty but never directly tells me he likes me or anything so I'm really confused and I feel like sometimes when I text him I'm just annoying him. I am a year older than him and he acts like I'm a lot more mature then he is and tries to impress me with the people he knows or his grades.. We have recently been talking about hanging out and after a couple of texts he didn't reply and about 2 hours later I texted him and said "you should text me when you can hang out so I don't feel annoying" and from then until we hung out he texted me first (4 times in two days). He recently forced to hang out at my house and was like rolling on me and trying to touch my stomach and laying his head in my lap.. But then he told me that he hasn't had a thing or had a girlfriend since fifth grade and when I asked him why he said something about not liking to give his full attention to one girl. When I said he was a player he started laughing and said "no not like that". Three weeks ago for the first time ever I texted him and got no reply. The day after he came to my house I left on a month trip to Canada and He snapchatted me 4 days after he didn't reply I didn't reply to it although I promised I would always reply to snapchats (he made a huge deal when I didn't reply but when he doesn't its not a big deal). I just snapchatted him today after not talking for around 5 weeks and he has replied so that's good but I'm still really confused!


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  • I would say he's quite interested in you.


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  • I think he is interested but I csnt really tell how much since he seems to be playing eith you