18 year old and 33 year old dating?

So I'm 18 and I'm dating a guy who is 33. We've been going out for almost a year and he is amazing. he's the sweetest guy and everything I could ever want in a guy. I myself was very hesitant about us dating but the more I got to know him the harder it was to let go. he's my best friend and I have never felt more comfortable being myself with anyone else. I know I'm young but I am very mature for my age and that's not just me saying that. He also looks like he's about 25 too so people that see us together never seem to notice that he's 15 years older. Anyways the reason I'm on here is because we have kind of kept our relationship a secret for a while because we werent sure what people would think and we wanted to make sure it wasn't just a little fling we had and it was something real. We love each other and our age doesn't bother us but we don't want to lose friends or family over this and I guess I'm just scared. So what does everyone think. Is our age difference too much?


Most Helpful Guy

  • i'm in a similar situation , like a girl who is around your age but I'm 29 but look younger so I don't think anyone would notice there was much of an age difference . people focus too much on age some times , should be more focused on compatibility and if the relationship works . its normal for girls to date older guys but I admit many do not have a 10 year age difference but it shouldn't really matter if the relationship works