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18 year old and 33 year old dating?

So I'm 18 and I'm dating a guy who is 33. We've been going out for almost a year and he is amazing. he's the sweetest guy and everything I could ever... Show More

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  • i'm in a similar situation , like a girl who is around your age but I'm 29 but look younger so I don't think anyone would notice there was much of an age difference . people focus too much on age some times , should be more focused on compatibility and if the relationship works . its normal for girls to date older guys but I admit many do not have a 10 year age difference but it shouldn't really matter if the relationship works

What Guys Said 13

  • too old in my opinion

  • it would make me feel weird but I would still be their friend.

    love is blind but as long as everyone is mature about it I don't see any issues as long as he's not your teacher or anything. I suggest sitting down with your parents and have a convercation with them about what's been going on and how he makes you feel.

    I have a crush on a girl who's 21 and now I'm not so worried about the crush, thanks for your question.

  • It sounds like it isn't.

  • Well, if you go by the half age +7 rule:

    33/2 + 7 = 23.5

    then you would be 5 years too young.

    He hasn't settled down yet for a reason. Maybe he is leftovers?

    All the good people take each other early on, you know.

    Extenuating circumstances exist, like if he was taken for 10+ years and his wife/or longstanding Girlfriend died in a tragic car accident and he was suddenly thrust back into the single world due to no fault of his own.

  • It's a little bit weird. I'm not gonna judge. If you were 17 at any point in the relationship I'm pretty sure it was illegal at some point though

  • Yes, it is just saying that. I think that's pretty bad. Both of you should knock it off. Yes the age difference is too much and you're setting yourselves up for a lot of isolation from same age couples.

  • I'm always curious to see how people with such huge age gaps meet, and how old they were when they met lol.

  • I thin you are too young for a 30yss guy...

  • 15 years is not a big deal. But it would be easier to accpet if you were both older. You 30, for example and him 45. My concerns are more for him: you're young and you're going to change. That does not mean you will fall out of love, but you might.

  • just make sure he is not a sex offender those guys are creeps. your families may have issues. plus, friends as well unless your willing to risk everything and lose respect.

    just make sure he is not a sex offender or worst.

  • It's a big gap. I guess you will have to see if it works out.

  • someones got daddy issues

What Girls Said 6

  • As long as your happy and his real that's all that matter, I love older men

    Im 21 I was dating a 35 couple months ago. He was a great guy I just

    Couldn't deal with the fact that he has a son. Because I want him all

    To myself. So if your happy f*** what people think and say be with him and dont

    Worry about people talking, because guess what people will talk

    No matter what! Good luck I wish you luck

  • if he's been nice to you, That's all it should matter

  • As long as he really likes you and doesn't just want a super young girlfriend because he's afraid to grow up. A lot of older guys who date younger girls are immature and superficial. Sometimes you just click with someone, though.

  • Hey I bet he's happy. You're a cheap date you can order the kids meal. Damn he's old enough to be your daddy. I hope you don't call him daddy during sex that would be weird.

  • I would never daet a man so... Advance in his years.

    he is probably jumping for joy that he caught some fresh tight meat.

  • That's strange but whatever floats your boat

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