Responds to texts/calls, but doesn't initiate

I met this girl at a party and she gave me her number. I call her and text her and she responds, but never initiates the conversations. We've been... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't think she is humoring you that's just how girls are sometimes. In a way its kind of a test and a way for her to see if you are interested in her. She also probably doesn't want to seem needy. As much as I hate this about myself, I rarely initiate conversation with guys I like because I feel like I'm annoying them or being to needy. If she didn't like you I don't think she would waste her time by talking to you or going on dates with you. Its kind of a confidence booster for me having the guy send the first message or make the call.

    Have you tried waiting for her to text first yet? Maybe don't initiate anything for a day or however long it takes and see what happens.