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Responds to texts/calls, but doesn't initiate

I met this girl at a party and she gave me her number. I call her and text her and she responds, but never initiates the conversations. We've been... Show More

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  • I don't think she is humoring you that's just how girls are sometimes. In a way its kind of a test and a way for her to see if you are interested in her. She also probably doesn't want to seem needy. As much as I hate this about myself, I rarely initiate conversation with guys I like because I feel like I'm annoying them or being to needy. If she didn't like you I don't think she would waste her time by talking to you or going on dates with you. Its kind of a confidence booster for me having the guy send the first message or make the call.

    Have you tried waiting for her to text first yet? Maybe don't initiate anything for a day or however long it takes and see what happens.

What Girls Said 5

  • Some girls are really weird about when it's okay to start initiating without looking needy or too committed. I know some who don't initiate until it's an actual official relationship (which yes is ridiculous), some who do right off the bat and some at all intervals inbetween. If she went out with you twice, she's not humoring you. She could have easily made excuses, or brushed you off if she wasn't into it.

  • Girls expect guys to initiate.

  • I completely agree with the first girl's answer. I have that problem myself - I always am afraid that if I initiate texts, the guy will think I am needy or desperate and will lose interest. If a girl gave you her number, and she seems interested and replies to you and goes out with you, you have nothing to worry about. Just keep initiating the convos if you want to talk to her, it clearly makes her happy. Once you are in a more "serious" sort of relationship, I am sure she will feel more secure and start texting you first too. Good luck!

  • girls usually don't initiate.

What Guys Said 3

  • been through a similar encounter , girl doesn't really initiate much but seems interested at times , some girls are just too shy to initiate things , they sort of prefer guys to come to them is what there used to , so if things in real life are going good I don't think there is any problem

    • She's letting you be the man. Everything's fine if she's not ignoring or avoiding you.

  • It's f***ing obnoxious isn't it?

  • Well, it must be her belief that it's a guy's job to put things first.

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