What should I do for the next date?

I met a family friend at the bar one night about a month ago. My family has known him from when he was little. The guy is actually friends/cousins with my cousin. He messaged me on Facebook asking if I would want to grab and drink. We have been on 7 dates so far, and we haven't really talked about a relationship or anything like that. I like him and I am not sure where this relationship is going. What can I do to see where this is going? Last time, we said to each other we liked one another.

I am 22 and he's 28.


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  • The best way to deal with this is to ask him where both of you are standing.


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  • I think the only way you can truly find out what kind of relationship he is interested in would be to ask him directly. Or have the next date at your house and cook him a meal. If he wasn't interested in a relationship before this, he is sure to think differently about it after.