How do you approach dating?

A man I know says he approaches dating as though it were an interview. He asks specific future questions and presents his best image. I appraoch dating as becoming friends first. How about you?


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  • thing about being friends first is that often being friends sort of kills any chance of a relationship as girl doesn't see guy as romantic option anymore just a friend , I wouldn't need to be friends with a girl to go on a date with her if I was attracted to her


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  • I view it as chilling out with someone new, with the possibility of it going further unlike with normal friends. That guy's going to look pretty square if he treats it like an interview :P

    • pphh... The woman is going to look pretty "square" if she acts like an interviewer ;)

    • I can imagine that being the case sometimes, I must have picked all the good ones when I used to date xD

  • That's accurate... Women are too afraid to show their cards - so they'd rather come on lightly at first.


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