Why is my ex acting like this?

After a bad break up, My ex already is dating a new girl and she is EVERYTHING he told me he didn't like? He got introduced to her 3 weeks after we broke up and now they are together. I don't understand why he would date the type of girl he claims to hate?

He has me blocked on Facebook but his new toy doesn't. She tries to show off him around. I ended up blocking her now. She has had 3 different boyfriends since March. Creepily 2 of them are now her "friends" and they all hang out together. She literally hopped from one friend to another. (all 3 are buds)

Am I the only one that finds that wrong? And Why would my ex do this to me when he doesn't talk to me anyways...


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  • Maybe he had no real experience with this type of girl.. He knew you didn't like that type, so he tended to put them down.

    Now that he's met someone of that type, he's changed his mind!

    Sometimes after a break up, we search for someone who is totally UNLIKE the person we recently broke up with! This isn't logical, but you can understand it, can't you?

    • No. I can't. To me it sounds more like he is doing it just to upset me cause he is mad at me... He barely even knows the girl and she is a cow.

    • He might well be trying to upset you..sometimes guys date someone they know will upset their ex!


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  • Gently I think he is just trying to not feel rejected. So to cope with the breakup he got someone new to not feel alone. I honestly just think he is week and can't feel rejected so he has to always be with someone.

  • He was lying to you and he wants a rebound. It's not serious she'll dumbo him like the rest

    • Explain how he was lying? I am aware that the girl will f*** him over too, but he told me about what he likes MONTHS before the break-up. IT is obvious he is rebounding because he only met this girl less than a month ago.

  • Maybe he's on the rebound and his head isn't thinking straight