This guy keeps texting me, but never has anything to say?

I've been talking to a guy for a while through text and in the beginning, the conversations would be good, we would talk about our days etc. But lately, whenever he texts me, whether seeing how I'm doing, or the simple "hey". He'll start a conversation, but midway into the convo, he'll suddenly stop replying. Which, yes I understand he may just so happen be busy. Which I don't have a problem with . The issue is the fact that every-time we text, he'll stop texting, and then text me maybe an hr or two in and say the same thing like "hey". Now, it's a bit annoying, being that I try to have conversations with him, but he always ends up not replying. And my thing is, why text me if you don't have anything to say. He did this like 5 times today, and one reason being that he was asleep. There's no doubt that I think he doesn't want to talk to me, it's just the inconsistency that takes a toll when trying to converse with him. And yeah, a lot of you may say, we'd be better off actually talking on the phone, but he refuses to. I guess he doesn't feel "comfortable" yet. We met online, I would say about 2 weeks ago. Why do you think he does this? Is he bored? Is he trying to catch my attention? I'm at a complete lost here. I mean, I brought it to his attention today, at what a horrible texter he is. He said he wouldn't do it anymore, and he would try to change it, but he still does it. I'm pretty interested in him, but this whole thing is really annoying. Guys, do you ever do this? If so, why?


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  • You should always try to see him in person. That's the problem in texts. Something will be off.


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  • You should talk to him on the phone or just Skype with him and have a normal conversation. If he's unwilling to do those things I personally would be kind of weary because there's no legit reason to say no if he's interested in you, being honest with you, and is serious about you.