How About Refusing Stupid Dating Rules?

Both men and women are taught these rules that seem to do more than harm than good. Don't show him you like him too much, don't call her cause she will lose interest. On and on and on, well isn't a relationship ultimately about honesty and trust? If we are taught to play head games, where then is there room for honesty and trust?


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  • I hate head games it bring to much insecurity..and by time the mis communcation clears its to late...i personally have no such rules..just a fear of being clingy..or seeming needy to a guy once I like him. I always thought it was best to show interest if your interested... I know tho..when doing so, at times it is best to use your descretion to avoid manipulation and so on..but, besides that yes I agree with you screw the 3day rule of calling the person after the date. And to hell...with the rule don't show interest ..if you want the person tell him/ is to short for the non-sense...good luck


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  • Yeah, the rules suck.

    If you don't follow them, people think you're clueless. I've definitely met a number of girls who were like, "Don't you know, this is what you're supposed to do."

    I'm thinking to myself, yeah I know. I just don't really care anymore.

    Some people feel like they need the rules, because if they don't follow the rules, something horrible will go wrong or they won't know how to reflect on a new experience or whatever.

  • one I hate is girls shouldn't make the first move aka ask a guy out.

    I'm not sure if this counts as a rule but I hate playing hard to get.

    so I agree that most if not all rules should not be there, sure use them if that's what you belive but they shouldn't matter so much.

    about the honesty and trust bit. I belive there should be a level between having an open relationship and keeping things to your self that you would never tell another person while understanding that your partner has things they'll never tell another person including you.

  • Well, since it's GIRLS who have the final say - it's on THEM to "refuse" these stupid dating rules first. Guys only adhere to them because the girls set them up in the first place: If women cease to follow these stupid guidelines, then the men will follow ;)

    • Both sexes seem to follow these so-called rules and no one has to lol why bother? Girls are told ALL THE TIME not to ask guys out, not to text, let him initiate. Makes it harder for all of us.

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    • I wonder to what extent has this has become an industry so these people making these rules, writing books, etc., they really don't know a thing and are just blabbing to make money LOL!

    • Oh I know... people (not just women) are idiots when it comes to dating... trying to acclimate to those dogsh*t rules.

  • The head games never work, honest and trust is the best policy. The head games only piss me off.

    • Exactly, and then all that happens is that both parties end up confused, hurt and they give up.

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  • i never knew there were rules to dating? in all honesty I just do my own too cool for rules lol:P

  • Rules are pointless. Standards are what is important.

    Being open and honest works so much better. Add in a dose of common sense and dating isn't all that rough.

    I don't play head games because I don't want anyone to do the same with me. Plus I don't have the patience for that.

  • There's rules to dating?