Dating an Army guy...

So I have just recently started talking to/seeing a guy in the army and he found out he is getting deployed in October :(. We still talk all the time and he has not pulled away from wanting a relationship. I like him so much already that I can see myself falling in love with this man. Is it a good idea to bring up the future/status of our relationship for when he gets deployed now or should I wait closer to his deployment date? Thanks for the input.


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  • man in uniform, they are the alphas it seems


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  • October isn't far, I think you should talk. my cousin went off into the army last month and his wife and him are the most perfect cute couple. he's not coming back for about 8 to 11 more months but she's living in texas awat from both of our families si she can live near the base and be around him during training...spend as much time with him as possible and if you fall in love with each other you definitely need to talk about your future relationship