Is this Match profile real or fake?

It seems like some dumbass had too much time on his hands and went ahead to make the epitome of everything that's bad in online dating...but I don't know, I can never think too lowly of people in general

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  • Hard to say for sure...this could very well be real. She's not SOOO gorgeous that it's obvious that someone just snipped this picture from the internet. Then again, it seems kind of weird that she's 1) not wearing a shirt 2) her hair seems pretty perfect, but in her face 3) she didn't smile (and again, her hair is all in her face).

    If I were a woman her age...or just a person in general who wanted to put up a profile, it makes sense to take a normal picture with a normal expression where people can see your face. I don't know what she's doing with her mouth, but it does seem kind of odd for a profile picture.

    I sorta suspect this is fake.


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What Girls Said 3

  • I don't know, I can't see her full profile, but tell us more details so

    We can maybe help you... like what make you think its fake? Ohh btw

    Shes pretty hot for a 46 years old lol

    • haha, well the profile is VERY poorly written, a lot of random-ass words are in quotes or capitalized. It makes me think the author's first language isn't English. It says on her profile she is super selective, divorced, has a 17 year old daughter. she makes between 25-35K a year and only wants a guy who makes above 100K. Seems like a scammer from Nigeria or something maybe lol

  • all I see is a picture of a lady from calablasas

  • yea I don't know she looks too


What Guys Said 1

  • A blond MILF from Calabasas? She's probably real, if she's looking for a hunk with a fat wallet.