Why do girls only truly like the best of the best guys?

Studies have shown that girls find 80% of guys unattractive so clearly they have a very high standard for looks and it seems they never date anybody who is not superior to them. The always date the guy who has more money and who's smarter and somebody with way more confidence than themselves


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  • Sigh... here we go again. Firstly those studies are not universal. As someone taking statistics class, I promise you, that was based on a sample group of a few candidates who were likely asked to rate a few pictures of random guys. This means smack and doesn't prove anything in reality. Secondly everyone has their own standards, male and female. Everyone wants a partner whom they feel sexually and physically attracted to. It's abnormal if you don't want that. I don't know one person who would want to be with someone who physically repulses them or who they feel no attraction towards. Thirdly, a hot guy won't be a hot guy to ALL girls. Some girls may find this guy hot and others while find that guy hot. There's no general rule that says if you're attractive to say 5 people, you'll be attractive to ALL girls in the ENTIRE universe. Next... girls want guys with ambition and who aren't lazy asses who do the minimum. Yes we like guys who are educated, hard working and have a professional career (so naturally they'll make good money... ).Why? Because that's very very attractive. If you had to pick between someone who is uneducated, lazy and has no ambition to get somewhere in life and a individual who shows dedication, motivation and a desire to be successful then my bets are you'll pick the latter. This is once again, completely and totally normal. You must be very stupid to want a partner who is not ambitious and not successful. Same goes for smartness. Why would anyone want a partner who is stupid? This is common sense... if you're smart you want a partner who you can also have meaningful and intelligent conversations with. This shouldn't be so difficult to grasp or understand. Lastly as for confidence. Girls don't want cocky, arrogant guys... we simply want someone who won't drag us down in their self pity. Hence we like confidence because it can be extremely stressful to have a partner who constantly has a low self esteem and personal issues. Just like I can imagine it must be annoying for a guy to have a girlfriend who constantly complains about herself and is insecure.

    • All the girls I have asked on here did agree that 80% of guys were ugly and that they found women better looking

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    • This all sounds reasonable. But you have to bear in mind it's not just a lot of guys who have these bad qualities. A lot of girls are self-pitying, unambitious, stupid and/or ugly too. I'd say, most people of both sexes have at least one of those problems. I don't think the questioner is asking why the best of the best girls have high standards. I think he's asking why girls in general have high standards.

    • If we have high standards then so do guys.. we have the exact same standards as any human being. Yes, there's a few girls AND guys who have really high standards but a lot of people have their own reasonable set of criteria which is not abnormally too much to ask for. Both sexes are guilty of overly high standards. I have evidence in my own life of that as I'm constantly hearing how guys talk about girls like objects in really disrespectful manners. They have high standards just like some girls.


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  • Why wouldn't anyone want the best? Settling for someone doesn't work out well.

  • because we trying not to breed a bunch of idiots..lol

  • "All the girls I have asked on here did agree that 80% of guys were ugly and that they found women better looking"

    That's because there aren't many masculine guys left. How many times does someone have to explain this to you?

  • That's just life


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  • It would be nice if you posted links to some of these studies so people can assess the validity of them for themselves

  • That's not just a female ting. Guys are the same way.

    • I don't think the majority of guys only date somebody with more money than them or find 80% of women ugly

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    • I'd rather be liked for my looks than for how much money I have etc

    • Life's not fair. The more energy you spend lamenting that fact, the less fair it seams to get.