If a guy asks you on a date and texts twice after and stops, lost interest?

i met this guy, we hung out for a bit then he asked me on a date for soon after and I agreed. we went it was good and he said we will keep talking. he texted me twice, the day after the date and a day after that. we spoke a bit but he did not plan a second date. now after a few days I have not heard from him.

i thought the date was good but this means he probably is not interested right?


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  • Depends. How often did he text before the date? Some guys are have all those rules like no talking to the girl for 3 days after the date or whatever. Why don't you text him and see if he responds? If he doesn't or if it's been more than a week, then yes he's not interested.


What Girls Said 1

  • Try texting HIM.

    Maybe he's feeling like YOU aren't interested...