Advice need to send closure letter to abusive ex

My ex unblocked me on Facebook 8 weeks ago he had me blocked for 5 weeks. I haven't contacted him until a few days ago by accident! I thought I had sent a message to a friend same first name but it was him! I did it through my inbox list not by visiting the profile! I didn't get a response and got curious so I checked turns out he's not 'seen' the message yet. I have a feeling he's 'muted' me. What I want to ask is if I send a message and he un mutes me will he see the message I've sent! There is no info about it on Facebook! I've mentally abused by him and I want him to see my final message of me being well and truly done! I want him to know he has lost me. I know what men are going to say that he obviously doesn't care and I know this! But when you are emotionally abused and ignored by someone who once claimed to love you sometimes you need to do it for yourself. He never allowed me any sense of closure and he ignored me and treated me like I didn't exsist so for me to do this and tell him I'm done is a big deal as much as I've left him alone I haven't yet told him how he's made me feel and that I'm well and truly done with him. He can ignore my begs and pleads for him to talk to me and tell me what I've done wrong, he can ignore my apology and he can ignore my want and needs to talk it through and get an explanation but I can't have him ignore my "go to hell you've lost me" message. I want him to know I'm not waiting for him anymore and I will never ever come back to him after the way he has treated me through the past 3 years I'm finally exhausted. So what can I do to get this message to him? I tried messaging of my old profile but because we're not friends it went to his 'other' box. I won't call him I don't want to hear his voice! I won't text him because I've changed my number and I don't want him to have it, he don't check his emails so Facebook is my only option. As for a letter, he's moved and I don't know his new address. Please help

May I add I've actually not been "harassing" him I've sent 3 messages in the space of 7 months!


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  • Oh, Jesus. Stop contacting him, you block HIM from Facebook and stop playing these games. He doesn't owe you anything. Move on.


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  • Stop. Why do you need closure? From an abusive SOB like this?


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  • You're acting pretty darn cray cray. I would be ignoring your attempts of contact as well. He doesn't NEED to know anything about how you're feeling, you're the one that thinks you need it. What other people think of you is none of your business. He may have emotionally abused you, but this is borderline harrassment if you don't leave him alone. The fact that you want to make him feel bad or make him see what he's missing or whatever, is a fault in YOUR personallity. Just realizing it for yourself and being able to move on with your life should be the kind of satisfaction you want to have, your own peace of mind is the only kind of satisfaction that matters. What you speak of having is childish and petty, time to move on.

    • You've been obssessing about this for 7 months? Ok, not harassment, but still very unhealthy for you. Being vindictive is not the answer.