Why do older women check me out?

Ok I'm 18 never gone on a date or had a girlfriend. Before I was really shy but now I am not as shy as I was. I want to go on dates and have a girlfriend but the thing is that no girl my age is interested in me. I half belive in the saying what is on the inside is what counts cause first looks are what matter then is the personallity stuff. I take care of myself. I Workout shower dress nice all that stuff. Any ways girls my age don't check me out but women who are older sometimes twice my age are the ones that check me

out. Their is no way that I will have a chance to get a girlfriend that far of age. Can some one give me an idea on why this is happening.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Girls your age probably find you attractive but don't have the self confidence to let you know straight up or subtly. Older women have stopped caring what others think and just think you are hot so they are going to look.


What Guys Said 1

  • Hell yeah dude! Get cougar fever and try going out with one haha. I've always wanted to go out with a cougar just to say I did it.