So I'm stressing cause of my girlfriend. I can't stop thinking about her help?

so me and my gr have been dating for almost 3 months. I love her. we have had huge fights and eventually worked through them. we've both changed and gotten rid of most of the bad things for each other. we have only seen each other once through the relationship and a few times before that. I've known her for over 2 and a half years. we wanted to date for the longest time and finally did and shot off. we already knew each other well. if I could see her this would be perfect but I can't see her until she tells her mom were dating. my parents won't let me. I need ways to either get her to tell her mom or get her off my mind. she won't tell her mom until her mom is not so stressful or so she says. they might be losing the apartment in August. they can go live at friends places if they do but still. I'm sorry this is long but please help me its driving me mad. I keep pushing for her to tell her mom and I feel like a d*** and sound like one to.


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  • just try to move on and live your life.


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  • Dude at these extreme moments pot helps A LOT, not drinking but POT! Been there done that, so I know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. You are I love my man, it is a very strong and powerful chemical that flows in your body, there is nothing that you can do to suppress it. it has to go though it's own routing.

    • i used to do pot. its so expensive. plus I can't get caught by my parents lol. once I get ajob I prob will start doing it