Do you hate or love the dating world?

Is trying to get dates annoying, or do you love trying to get dates?

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  • I hate it. Hate hate HATE it.

    I hate trying toto connect with people who so obviously come from other planets. I hate having to spend hours fixing myself up and still not being good enough. I hated that I had to lose 150 pounds to just to get asked out at all. I hate not knowing where you stand with people. I hate liking someone more than they like me. I hate finding out you were used, cheated on, never cared about, a last resort. I hate feeling like everything I do and say is a make or break audition, especially because it's for something I'm not even sure I want. I hate having to make all the moves myself. I hate that I've never been romanced, even when I tried to be romantic. I hate the heartbreak and unrequited love.

    I could go on and on. I hate everything about it. So much agony and hard work for so little happiness and payoff. Ugh.


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What Girls Said 5

  • I enjoy it. Approaching, courting, and worrying about saying something stupid is all part of the fun!

  • I have no choice, I just make do with it.

    • True. But we can choose what we do with the dating world, how often we want to partake in it, etc.

  • to the last anon. its okay to ask only if you know the guy seem a bit interested. if you have no clue don't.

    also use a flirty way to ask and don't have high expectation. and don't take it personal.

    have fun.

  • i hate it. I agree with sparrow. its just so much work.

    i asked out a guy for the first time in my life and I got rejected. I am so embarrassed. I shouldve just kept my freakin mouth shut.

    i hate liking people. I was tired of liking guys and nothing coming out of it so I decide to finally make a move on a guy who I thought was interested and nope. I got rejected. this is no fun. I'm not making a move anymore. well I'm not asking anyone out anymore at all. I'm done.

    • Well good for you for taking the courage to ask a guy out. I wished a girl asked me out!

      It's alright. I'm tired of liking girls and them all rejecting me and playing mind games, so I understand.

    • yeah I went for it because I always hear guys on gag say its OK to ask guys out. in my psychology class, the guys said the same thing. they made it seem as if it was such a great thing to do and I did it but now I feel terrible. :(

      yes this sucks. I know its such a dumb thing to do after just one try but I give up. :(

  • hate many creeps out there asking for sex straight out

    then there are guys I went out one date..enjoys the company...then checks up on me during "date hours" 6-10 pm...they would just text see if I would resp...or if I would igorne their they know if I am out on a date...

    • oh my gosh, that's awful. Yeah, it can be pretty bad. The people can get annoying.

What Guys Said 3

  • I think they're a bit risky. People make fake profiles, and do what they can to ruin your life and/or make theirs better. I don't think it's good service.

  • HATE... HATE!

  • Girls come to me so I don't know what it's like to try and get a girl.