Am I allowed to be upset?

So I was seeing someone exclusively for a while. We ended things because of distance among other things but about 2 months later we started talking to each other again.

I would see him about once a month and we would act like a couple when we were together. The last time I went to see him I happened to see a few text message previews on his main screen when I picked it up. The texts made it obvious that he was sleeping with other girls. I confronted him immediately and stormed out.

Since we started talking again we hadn't discussed being exclusive so I don't even know if I have the right to be upset.


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  • I'd be upset too, but you're not exclusive anymore so technically he can sleep with anyone he wants. Just talk about being exclusive and see what he says, if you still want that ofcourse. If he says no, then you know it's not gonna happen and he will continue sleeping with other girls. Then it's up to you to continue acting like a couple or to stop all the flirting and loveydovey behavior so you can get over him.


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  • I would be upset too but because you never discussed being boyfriend/girlfriend he probably doesn't think you have the right to be upset. I think you should keep yourself busy with other things and let him come to you, if he's interested he will try harder and if he's not then find someone who will only want to be with you

  • I can see why you'd be upset, but you technically don't have the right to be. While you were exclusive before, you ended things so he had the right to sleep with other girls.