Should I stop pursuing this girl?

Met this girl and we've been on about four dates. After the first date she didn't get back to me three days later after I texted her thanking her. Waited patiently and we've gone out a few times after. We've kissed and made out on the dates, but nothing more than that.

Here's the question...Communication has mainly been through text, but decided to call her instead to set up another date. It went to her voice mail and left a message. She hasn't gotten back to me yet and just wanted to get and idea of what to do. Do I just move on and see if she gets back to me? Should I call her again or text her in a couple days?


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  • It sounds like this girl is not all that interested in you. A girl who really likes a guy and wants to continue seeing him will respond when he contacts her.

    A girl who randomly replies back, who will go out on a few dates with a guy is just using him for free dinners and mild entertainment.

    Go find a girl who is really into you and reciprocates your actions. You'll be a lot happier.

    • Thanks for the reply. This was the first time since that first date when she apologized for responding late. The communication since that date have been perfectly fine until I called yesterday and did not get a response back.

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    • Sending her a text would be a good test to see if she repeats her actions again or actually shows you a sign of respect. If you do this and she DOES the same thing again, please please please throw in the towel and forget about her.

    • Thanks for BA.


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  • drop it. sounds clear to me she is not that interested or likes to play very hard to get. either way you don't want to deal with it.

    if someone likes you after the firt date they should be itching to hear from or see you again. the fact that she waited three days is a sign to me that she clearly wasn't all that invested. while kissing and making out might seem significant not all people place a high of value on it

    • Thanks. I was thinking the same thing that if she was interested she would have really got back to me right away after the first date. I thought maybe she really was interested after she said yes to all the other dates. She even invited me out one night to meet up with her and her friends. Not sure if she was testing me there though.

  • Once you text or call her, the ball is in her court. If you contact her again before you've heard back from her, that comes across as creepy and desperate. The ball is in her court; if she's interested in you, she'll call or text you back. If she's not interested, she won't.

  • I don't know she seems kind of interested if you went on actual dates but communication is an issue so its tough to determine her level of interest . you could always wait it out for a few days and then try and made contact again and if you don't hear anything move on to other girls

    • Thanks, that's what I was thinking too. I've just never done the reach out twice thing ever with girls if they don't reply, but there's just something with this one that just gets to me which irks me. Usually I'll just move on.

  • How do actually feel about the dates? Has she ever apologized for replying late?

    • After the first date she did appologize for replying late. Dates have all been great. Have a lot in common and the conversations all flow. Seemed as if we both liked each other as we both said that. I don't know if I'm just wasting my time or thinking too much into it.

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    • I think that you need to set up a meet for you to tell her how it is. I don't do online dating but if she is dating other guys you need to let her know that you like her and would like to try being exclusive with her

    • haha the exclusive part may be too soon as its been a maybe a month

  • I'm going to pick apart what you said first.

    You messed up thanking her through a text after the date. Should have done it in person at the end!

    I don't care it took her 3 days to respond. Its not good, but you should have simply CALLED her 5 days later to set up another date.

    One kiss at the end of the date. No making out. Show some class, and be a challenge.

    You finally decided to call her...finally. Looks like the girls training you lol. Leaving a message is good. Hopefully you gave your name, and told her to call you back.

    Give her 10 days to call you back. At that point, you can either delete her number, or calll one more time, just encase for some crazy reason, your previous call didn't go thru, or the Voice mail was deleted etc etc.

    No more texting! I get the feeling if this girl was into you at the beginning, you have since caused her interest in you to fall like a rock. You started making out...way way too early. Have seemed much too available. Decided to partake in lame texting for communication, and you haven't been a challenge. I don't see this thing you have going much farther at all.

    • appreciate the honesty. that's why I'm here.