Have you had a successful relationship using a proper dating site?

I mean, have you had a relationship that lasted at least several months (say 6+), by meeting someone on a proper dating site (not like here, or Facebook, ...) I mean a site where it's all about that, and possibly you even have to pay to use.

Note on D) : I get ads like that all the time. WTF?

  • Never tried.
    72% (13)43% (3)64% (16)Vote
  • Tried but it didn't work out/last.
    28% (5)29% (2)28% (7)Vote
  • Tried and it worked!
    0% (0)28% (2)8% (2)Vote
  • I've mail-ordered (paid!) for my wife from Russia/Brazil/...
    0% (0)0% (0)0% (0)Vote
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Wow. Good to know the stats.


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  • The most I got out of a relationship from one of those sites was 3 months. But to be fair I think all my relationships were pretty terrible wherever they started from. I don't think it's just those sites really.

    • I'm checking back on some of my old answers. Doing a follow up.

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