I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 2 months and he is still on the dating site? :/

It is not really a dating site but mostly people go on that site to flirt or something.I am wondering what is he doing there and when I asked him he told me that he just enjoy chatting there while he is bored.I don't think he is talking to guys lol so its kind of weird to me.I also find out that he login there almost everyday.Any thoughts about this situation? :/


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  • Put yourself in a guy's shoes. Why would you be on a site like that if you were dating someone? Probably to flirt with other women. He could be doing it to boost his ego or maybe he is indeed looking for someone on the side.

    The fact that he still logs on daily is a huge red flag. Unfortunately, I don't think you'll find the truth unless he tells the truth which will most likely never happen. If he's that bored, there are a million of other things he could doing, on or off the computer.

    If it's a problem with you and you tell him this and he still does it, he has no respect for you and you need to break up with him.


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  • If you met him on the site, he's most likely scoping for potential girlfriends. If you didn't meet him on the site, he could be there for chatting purposes but there's also a chance he's scoping for a new girlfriend. I'd be cautious but don't worry unless you have a reason to do so.

    • Well for now I am apart from him due to some research study that I need to do in other state in my country.I will be back after 3 months so I am afraid that he is looking for someone for a hook up or something.

  • None. He could be telling the truth. He could be lying. It's unlikely he's lying without some other behavior present. For now, just ... let him do his thing. If he is lying he won't be able to keep up the facade forever.

  • who?


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  • There ia no reason he should be on a dating website if you guys are together even to chat. There is fb for that. I would break it off before you get hurt. He's looking for other women or he's flirting. Either way its not good especially if he's doing that within the first two months. That's suppose to bd the most exciting time and he's already looking for other women. Not good not OK. You deserve better.