Girls please help a dude out =/

I moved into my uncles ghetto house. I met a girl and asked her to be my girlfriend and she said "ok, but nothing serious". She was 19 & me 21. From day one I told her I didn't have a house & that I lived with my uncle. I mentioned how I was embarrassed. She understood and we kept dating only our dates will Always be outdoor like the beach and never indoor like my house. Six months into our relationship I guess my situation/all of this outdoor dating got her bored and she begun to do dirt. She'll go to parties and clubs without me & drink there with her girls. She'll also cuddle with her hs guy friends!. Break up after break up we still got back. THINGS finally changed in our 12th month anniversary because I re-modeled my uncles house. The same night I got done remodeling I invited her over. In my room we talked about sex for the 2nd time ever. She NOW switched the story to she wants to wait till marriage after all this time!. Still I tried having sex with her and she broke up with me.

keep it 100

Do you believe I just took too damn long to try get serious/try having sex with her that she might of found it somewhere else? I believe I got friend zoned


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  • I think she played you. Just forget her and look for someone who really cares about you and wouldn't play you like that. :)


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  • I think you got played man. Being a a person of 21 you should date someone with the same outlook as you. she didn't have that same outlook. She wanted to party and play game with you. I think she strung you along. you need to find a woman not a girl that will want you for you no matter the situation you are in. one that will be with you through thick and thin. There is a woman out there just got to look and get your heart broken on the way. but you did nothing wrong. that is according to me not anyone else. Keep your head up and move on you are better then her. 100%

  • whatever dude. You're so young, you're going to get laid with so many hotties. Chin up and keep searching for that special blossom who looks into your eyes and knows exactly how amazing you are.


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