How to Ace This First Date (First Meeting in Person)

Alright, I was never a big fan of online dating, but recently, I gave it a shot. I've got a date with a really nice girl on Sunday. I've been on enough dates to know what I'm getting myself into, but this is the first time I'm meeting someone I met online for a date. Any advice?


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  • Whoa anon guy is a little too precise for my taste lol. A "love detective"? Haha anyway, I say just be yourself. I know that's sh*tty advice lol but just build off of what her profile says and let the conversation flow naturally. This isn't your first date, so act like you would on any other kind, respectful, a little flirty, ask her questions about herself, make some light jokes.

    In some ways, meeting someone for the first time on a date can be easier than going on a date with someone you already know; there's more to talk about as you don't know much about each other.

    Also, don't put a time limit on the date. That's silly. If you sense she's uncomfortable or you don't feel like you're clicking, then don't drag it out (i.e., if you go out to eat, don't suggest drinks after if you're not feeling it). On the other hand, if you're really enjoying your time with her and she seems to feel the same, extend the date with a walk or drinks or dessert or something.

    And, if you have a great time and want to see her again, say so! For me, it's always nice when a guy sends you a follow-up text after the date. If it goes well and I'm into him, it's a sweet reminder if after the date I get a text saying "had a great time and would love to take you again." It reassures me that he's into me and ensures that giddy feeling of a great date will continue : )


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  • Get a hair cut, smell good, wear the right clothes, be early, make the date fun...

  • same format.

    just build on her profile points, and ask away.

  • Be the best dressed guy in the place. Smile. Make her talk 75% of the time. Keep the convos light and funny, no deep subjects. Have your radar on HIGH. You're a love detective, and she's your witness. The date should not be longer than 90 minutes. Make eye contact. Thank her for the good time...don't speak of contacting her later. Do not speak of the future.