Free Tickets to Valley Fair but no date how can I make this work?

I have complimentary tickets to valley fair (a popular theme park here in Minnesota) from my work, for me and my significant other.. Well Unfortunately I don't have a significant other... But here's the scoop I met a girl a few weeks ago at a piercing shop in the mall, she works there. Well when I met her I was with my father and she helped me out with putting in some new captive earrings I bought for free and helped my dad buy and put in some new ones. I had a good social time talking with her and I really liked her vibe, she's also quite beautiful. Well I need to find someone to for my other ticket and I was thinking she might be a good person for that. It's just I don't know how to pull it off. It's been a few weeks since I met her and we talked and I don't have any contact info from her. This park is about an hour drive away and we'll be spending all day there so its not just a simple oh let's go for a walk in the park deal. I have 2 weeks until the day I go to Valley Fair and I'd like if this would work. Maybe it could light a flame between us who knows I need to get to know her better. How can I pull this off without being creepy?


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  • You'd have to get to know her well and fast. Go to where she works and ask her out for coffee or drinks first, then see if she'll go to valley fair


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  • Too much for a first date. First date needs to be casual.