Why is it so hard to let go?

As most of you read from my previous question, my ex boyfriend was verbally and physically abusive - we did have our good times, but when he got mad at something that he said I caused he would curse at me and hit me.. Yet, I continue to love him.

I have been trying to move on and did meet someone I thought would love and care me as he showed .. But he hardly text back or call me to say hi.. I miss that about my ex.. He always text back right away. I feel I am comparing and knowing that my ex wasn't good for me. My ex text me and said he met someone not to call or text him, . Blah- Yet, he keeps all my voice mails on his phone.. I don't know how to move on without thinking of my ex. .. I am only seeing remembering the good things and not the bad things why.. I am so emotionally messed up. :(


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  • You are emotionally messed up and that's not going away. So here's what you do:

    -Stop all contact: Don't even say his name, he's out of you're life now and deep down you know that's the way it should be. If you have to think about him fine, but that's it.

    -Be busy: keep your mind off of him because that is the problem, once he's out of your mind the problem is solved.

    -Date other people: There's no point in waiting around for an ex boyfriend who's not good for you to come to his senses and come crawling back. Meet other people and stay away from him.

    Being emotionally f***ed up happens to all of us and it will pass. In the meantime try to see the logic in the situation. No matter what happens he's still the same guy who abused you.


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  • Self therapy.

    Express your emotions in a book.


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  • If he abused you, he's not worth it. Try to forget the things you liked about him and focus on the bad things. This could help you get over him: link

    • update* I have moved on from him, I had tried to work things back out with him and saw that he was trying to change, but I had reveived a great opportunity to move up at my job and go back to school - he was not happy for me and he actually said GOOD BYE!.. So that shows me he didn't love me the way he said he did.

      I am happy, less stress and feel free- I am becoming my old free spirted self :)

  • Letting go is naturally hard, so don't think that's its only you. Keep your chin up and keep moving forward.