Does he like me or just sees me as a friend ?

I met a guy online. It wasn't a dating site. It was just a friends site. Wr began chatting. It went on well. I told him ... I wish to have good time with you. He replied me saying he isn't interested in dating ( all the above chat took place before we could meet)After two days we went out to a nightclub. We had a great time. He said now that you're alone in the city . You can come and stay with me. We could go shopping , swim in the pool... I got a bar at home ... I was not sure why he said those things , then I realized maybe because I spoke about my previous guy friend with whom I enjoyed a lot. I got so drunk. I began getting physical with him and even he gave in a little just kissing and nothing more. He just controlled himself . It was the first time I saw a guy controlling himself. He dropped me home safely.after two weeks he messaged me from another country as he is on official work. He told me to come and stay at his place and we could have fun.Category: BehaviorAnonymous: NoAllow anonymous answers: Yes


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  • He is hard to read. I think he does seem to like you but he did told you he wasn't ready for dating.He also invited you to stay with him and go shopping, etc so that makes it seems like he wants to be more then friends. You and him did kiss so something could be their.I think that you would have to give it more time to see what happens.

  • It seems like it could go either way.


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