How can you tell if a guy likes you throught text?

I have been texting this guy for 3 weeks.

He asked me to come over and I said no...after that I thought he would stop because I thought he just wanted sex. But no, and when I stopped texting him he'll send me a text. I told him I'm never gonna text him again and he texted me the next day.

He has also complimented me, and it seems like he really likes to talk to me...I thought he would get bored of it eventually, but he still texts me...

How can you if a guy likes you in text?

What does it mean when He responds in short sentences or one word?


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  • Here's a tip. HOW ABOUT YOU GO ON A F***ING DATE?

    People these days are ridiculous... Everyone's afraid of human interaction.

    • LOL thanks you are so right! I'm just waiting on him to ask me..I don't want to seem like I'm on to know what I mean

    • Trying to play hard to get is fine and dandy as long as it's so you don't seem easy. But guys will only put up with so much until they move on. The biggest lesson every person needs to learn is life isn't a faerie tale and that happily ever afters only come to those that work for it. If you string him along too much he's going to be convinced you don't like him and a mans ego can only handle so much rejection.


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  • You can't really tell through text. Some guys have a silver tongue, and can sound like Adonis when they're actually a computer addict who's never been on a date.

    • Other guys may be wonderful, but just don't have time for long texts, and the fact they only answer with one word may only mean they want to speak to you in 'real time.'

  • Simply put: you can't make that kind of determination based on texting alone.

    As for his short replies, that's just the way dudes are. LOL

  • Well most bros who are just after sex wouldn't keep texting you without getting a response. They would move on to the next girl. Just because he asks to hangout doesn't mean he's looking to bone...atm. Whether or not he wants to, you decide if he gets to. So why not give it a shot and hangout with him, he may be different than the rest of us thirsty pigs.

    Short sentences? That's just how we commune

    • I don't communicate in short sentences or single words. I think that makes you seem like either a douche bag, or an idiot with no intellectual capacity. But on the other hand... It seems like most women like a guy to "act" unavailable or like he is only a little interested. Generally, the more interest you show early on, the less interested they seem. It's a kind of paradox. As most women also complain that men don't communicate or talk enough.

  • Try asking him for a pencil.

    If he replies back anything but "I'm interested in you"...

    Then you will probably never know.

  • If he sends a text that says something like "Hey, I like you.", then you can tell.


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  • How about calling? why haven't you called him.

    words are words, let him talk to you.

    then video chat.

    then go out on a date.