Why doesn't he text me first?

A guy has showed me all the signs that he is interested in me,but why doesn't he text me first? If he is really interested wouldn't he text first?


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  • Have you shown him any signs that you may like him back? How did he even get your number to text you? I know very few people who will make a blind move on a girl (or guy). The showing of signs should me mutual. Have you shown him the green light? This is especially important if you know the guy because he'll still have to be around you if he asks you out without knowing that e even has a chance.

    • I asked for the guy's number and I thought I was giving clearly obvious signs to him that I liked him.

    • You see by asking him for his number he probably thinks that you would text him first. He may just be as interested in you right now. I'd say that if he is still showing you signs in person he likes you

    • You should try link especially the first couple. The power of the mutual friend is huge. In fact most relationships start because of some involvement of a 3rd party. It takes some pressure of both of you and he should ask you out soon after. I truly hope you two work out. There are too many people out there who like each other who don't let each other know.


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  • From a guys point of view its dam hard to make a move. We fear being turned down. We worry that you will laugh at us and then tell everyone else.. Also there is the chance that if he really does like you A LOT he may feel that your way above him and would never be intrested

  • This is happening me with a girl...I ALWAYS send the first text and it kinda makes me think she's not interested!


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