Why are there so many funny questions about interracial dating/relationships on this site?

The funniest questions about interracial dating on here have been posted by black girls and white guys. Questions like "Do black girls like white guys and vice versa . I crack up at these every time. Another one the I get a load of laughs out of is how some women on here will go out their way to say they don't like black men lmfao! I also love the way that white guys and black women try to stereotype black men and say they only get fat and/orwhite girls . It's almost like they trying to say that ALL blackmen are white chubby chasers. I've seen plenty of white guys with fat and/or ugly black girls too so it cuts both ways They're are WAY more fat women than non fat women in the United states anyways and I've seen plenty of men of ALL races with them but people want to create this fantasy world and make it seem like blackmen can't get a non fat girl or a good looking woman unless they're pro sports players rich or famous especially if its a non black woman And its funny because I've seen plenty of black men with good looking non fat girls of all races . I guess black women and white guys SEE only what they want to see.

What's also funny is that how Hollywood movies and the media will make it seem like that whites are the most desirable race ...They make it seem like different races pursue whites and never vice versa . They never encourage white woman non white guy relationships but they encourage white guy non white girl relationships all the time. They make it seem like Black, Latino, Asian etc guys/girls just drool over the sight of a white guy/girl but never the other way around.
I don't know . Its funny though


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  • Yep, this site's all about the BW/WM questions

    • I know. It's funny How black girls and white guys ask questions like this but white girls and black guys never really ask questions like that.

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    • I'm a white girl who's far more attracted to darker men.I'm dating one now.


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  • You do realize it's the same two girls right?

    One of them is underage and has slightly bad grammar(I think she's African or Jamaican but in the US) and the other is...thirsty for white male attention

    Honestly, most white guys pay no attention to black chicks cause a "pretty" black girl is nothing next to an average to pretty white girl. Plus, there's a stigma with dating black chicks.

    I think some of the black chicks on here want so desperately for white guys to tell them otherwise...But if white guys were open to black chicks, there'd be more BW/WM couples and they wouldn't have to ask said questions.

    It's just insecurity and sometimes curiosity

    • I think that since they're trying to make up for so many black guy white girl relationships . If white guy/ Asian girl relationships are supposedly leading the pack in interracial dating, then black guy/white girl relationships are trailing at a close second.

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    • provide source

    • Uh, google it

      I don't exactly see your source

  • they're insecure

  • A lot of people are very obsessed with race and their lives are ruled by it. So they bring their questions here when they feel they can't get answers elsewhere, for fear of being persecuted.

    And of course, some are just trolls trying to shock or offend people, stirring the pot.


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  • I don't see anything strange about the questions.

    Black male- white female relationships are common and we all see them. Not many white girls are wondering 'would any black guys like me' and not many black guys I assume are thinking 'no white girl will date me'.

    White male black female relationships are - in North America - much less common. So you get white males and black females who are apparently wondering if they have a chance. So they ask here.

    • Well it happens and they shouldn't have to wonder. It's been happening for the longest, but with the rise of black families moving to predominantly white towns, neighborhoods, and schools and the constant rise of interracial relationships between black guys and white girls, it's starting to become common. The black girls growing up in predominantly white areas are much more likely to date outside their race unlike the white girl who could grow up in a all white town and still like black guys