Dating 2 women at the same time

I went on two dates with Mel and 3 with Sherry. I really like Sherry and I think she's interested but we haven't done much in the physical department. We made out a little on the 3rd date. Mel on the other hand is very much looking to hook up. I think I like Sherry more but still want to feel things out with Mel without sleeping with her because that would be giving her the wrong idea. what's the best approach with both women? How do I get Sherry to be more physical while keeping Mel at bay?


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  • make a move on sherry and see how she responds. that's her choice though. not every woman feels comfortable having sex with a guy who she just started dating who's also seeing other women. but you don't know how she feels so next time you and her make out, put your hand in her pants and go as far as you can until she tells you to stop


What Guys Said 1

  • Why are you trying to rush physical touch? That's the last thing you want to do if you are seeking a long term relationship. That's taking the focus off her and putting it on her body. Take time to get to know her and when things happen they happen.