Dating site meetings which led to marriages

Did you meet your fiance, or wife/husband on a dating site, or know somebody who did? If so, how long were the people in question on the dating site before they met THE ONE?


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  • One of my pretty close coworkers met his wife on a dating site. I don't know how long, months I'd guess? I don't know if he'd used them before, he'd been dating one girl for a couple years, his next real relationship was with his now wife.

    Its generally not a matter of sitting waiting for 'the one' to show up online. Its about continually dating people with potential, going on further dates with those you click with, trying to build relationships where there's mutual interest and seeing if you can make something really work together.


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  • I hear works but eHarmony is the best one. You do have to pay for it but it's worth it. I wish you the best of luck finding someone to spend the rest of your life with.


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  • i met my current gf/fiance on a dating site. was probably on it for about 1yr prior to meeting her (maybe a bit more)

    a family friend has been married to a woman he meet on for about 10years now. I don't know how long they were on the site though

    • Congrats! . I've been on the sites for about 18 months. Met one great girl in person. She wanted to be friends.Met a few others I wasn't too interested in. Been having a tough time finding people in my area that I'm interested in. Then when I do find someone, it seems like a struggle getting them to meet in person. Sometimes I wonder if the rollercoaster ride of emotions is worth it. Thanks for your answer.

    • i was extremely frustrated with it too. I did eharmony ...tried plenty of fish and match but hated them... and there would be weeks where I felt like I was just throwing money in a toilet. it is def an emotional rollar coaster. meet someone you like but they don't feel the same, sending out messages, or feelers and never getting anything in return

      really it's a game of patience and perserverence. and remember women outnumber us 60:40 so there should be someone out there for you

    • LOL Exactly how I feel man! I think the girls who I have great convos with...but act all shady when I ask to meet drive me the most crazy. I've about decided to start asking to meet after 2 emails instead of the usual 5. Thanks, its good to know someone who felt like I do, has had success. I've got some more hope now.

  • my sister meet someone on a dating site one year ago , there still dating but she wasn't like a regular user of the site just joined after a break up and didn't even contact that many other guys just dated him