Guys do you like it when the girl you are dating does activities on her own without you?

Just wondering because I told the guy I'm seeing that sometimes I like to do things outside of the relationship on my own or with my friends. And I hope I didn't hurt his feelings. He turned around and said the same thing to me and I thought it was wonderful we felt the same way about it. I think people need some time to themselves and not around the person they are dating all the time.

So guys what is your take on this? If a girl said this to you?


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  • Of course you should have your own life.

    • If she said that to me, I'd be confused and wounder what kind of clingy relationships she is use to. I think it's an unspoken rule, and if it's being mentioned, she assumes otherwise.

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    • yeah hobbies and things like that. Not talking about other guys- thanks

    • sure, no problem.


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  • I agree, and I'm fine with that in my own relationships. There's no reason for couples to be completely joined at the hip.

  • I like to have my own moments as well... So I'd prefer if she has her moments too... Nothing to complain at all!

  • Wondering the same things


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