What happened between the two of them? Did he sleep with her?

I've been dating my boyfriend for about 2.5 years now and I was told by one of my close girlfriends that he was seen making out with some girl in her car in a mall parking lot. When I confronted him about it he denied making out with her and claims that he did in fact kiss her on the cheek (whatever, I'm not an idiot). Anyways I had been hearing rumours from other sources about him and this girl and I found out who she was so I messaged her on Facebook questioning her about their relationship. She never responded to me but texted him and obviously told him that I messaged her Because he then called me and told me I don't need to messaging people asking them about him Because we're together and that's all that matters...why wouldn't she "man" up and tell me the truth. I asked her woman to woman and she completely disregarded that. What do you think happened between the 2 of them?


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  • why is it on her to tell the truth?

    i mean we'd like her to right but if the boyfriend is going to lie why would the chick he's hooking up with be honest...

    as for what do we think happened?

    I think they're hooking up. you should dump your boyfriend. he's clearly lying and the most concerning thing would be, what else is he lying about, what else have him and this girl (or other girls) done

    • I asked her woman to woman and if the situation were reversed I would tell her the truth, why lie? It's not like I'm gonna stalk her down or anything like that just would be nice to know the truth!

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    • I suppose you're right! Effing jerks!

    • i hear ya. they are "effing jerks" haha...

      but seriously it sucks, I've been cheated on and it is some lame a** stuff.


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  • Clearly more than a kiss on the cheek, or she would have answered you.

    Your boyfriend is a real greaseball, and this girl is probably similar.

    • I know right...I know for sure it was more then a kiss on the cheek because my friend seen it, I just want to know if they slept together...

    • MOst likely, or she'd have been willing to answer you..1!

    • You're probably right...

  • I have no idea. But the trust is already gone. Time to break up.

  • I'm wondering the same thing

  • I'm sorry...but you went too far. All you needed to know is your boyfriend of 2.5 years was kissing some other chick. That's grounds for leaving him IMO. You obviously have a guy who you can no longer trust. When trust is lost, relationships sink.

    • True enough, but I would still like to know exactly what happened. The situation is complicated.

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    • Best of luck! Hopefully he's wises up.

    • Thanks! :)

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  • If she didn't deny it, it probably happened.

    • She said nothing at all...just tattled on me for messaging her...all I asked her was if they'd been seeing each other and for how long..

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    • Well they're both cowards then! Unbelievable...

    • I know. The nerve of some people!