Why do I have mixed feelings?

So my boyfriend and I started dating a month ago... He' a sweet guy, and he really cares about me. I started caring for him so we started dating... When we aren't together I don't feel that much for him... But then when we are side by side I never want to leave. It's odd how I can go from walking in the door dreading seeing him, to holding him closely and feeling amazing... Any idea why I feel this way? Or if I should do something to make it not feel this way?


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  • You're still young, lots of relationships at that age aren't really about actually liking the person, they're about the thrill of being in a relationship. So when you're not with him, its kind of eh, but when you are with him you get caught up in the fact that you have a boyfriend and everything that entails, it's exciting. It's pretty normal, I wouldn't say you have to do anything about it. You're young, you can pretty much do whatever lol. Chances are yall will date for awhile and then break up and date other people. Young relationships aren't really meant to last, they're meant to introduce you to the whole idea of the thing.

    Hope this helps, feel free to msg/reply if you need anything else


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  • It's because you are young. The relationship is relatively new and you possibly are having doubts still because you haven't had enough time to really start to like him yet. There are a lot of different possibilities. Best thing you can do is give it some time and play it by ear. After all the person who knows you the best is yourself. Stay with him a couple more months and see how you feel. If you still don't feel much for him when you are not around him I would say just call it quits.

  • It's purely a physical connection, there's no emotional connection.


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