Guys, do you ever delay replying to a girl´s text just to test her or not to look eager?

There is a guy I have been flirting with for long. We like each other but are still friends at the moment. The other day I called him in the evening to say happy birthday to him. He said he had been waiting for the whole day to hear from me.

Two days later he initiated a text saying how pretty I looked on a photo, and when I texted back asking him a question he never replied. Three days have gone and he hasn´t replied. The think is he knows I hate it when he doesn´t reply, so he usually does!. I found it funny as I saw him on whatsapp chating with someone but never replied to my text.

Is he delaying the reply on purpose just because he looked a bit eager on his birthday?


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  • Yes I've delayed but not for days.


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  • I have delayed because of busyness and not trying to look like I am just only focused on texting her, but my delays have only been in the minutes, not days. He either has forgot about you or just isn't interested anymore.

  • Never have, never will... It doesn't test anything useful.


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