Boyfriend vs dating sites

I have been with my boyfriend for one 1/2 years and we live together. He's a very good and and he treats me great. What I don't like about him is that he has a sneaky side. I told him a year ago that I wanted him to delete all of this dating profiles or I'm gone. Well I have a gut feeling he is on one. He added a couple if women that he doesn't know. I went on to one of there profiles and looked at the friend list. I noticed a lot of men from one dating site. This is telling me that he is on this certain site. I asked him about it and he told me I'm assuming. If my gut is telling me something than I know I'm right. He's just playing with my head trying to make me feel bad. Do you think he's bored of me? Why are guys like this?


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  • so he is being shady by having a profile on a online dating website? and you guys are officially together? okay if this is the situation you need to have a serious talk with him because this is actually a big deal... that is not right! and getting bored of someone is not an excuse to run and do this if a brake is needed in the relationship go for it but its flat out disrespectful for him to do what he's doing and if he values you as a woman girlfriend etc he will be honest with you...