Is it normal to get jealous over a guy you are not dating?

I get jealous when I see him liking other people's posts on Facebook or when I see him talking to a girl who looks like a prettier version of me.


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  • Not really normal or healthy. I would recommend you try to put a cap on that jealousy. It's not healthy. Jealousy is never healthy. Secondly, you have no right to be jealous. He's not yours. You have no claim on him. You aren't dating him. So hey, he's in the clear.

    If you think you like him so much, you should approach him, tell him how you feel about him, and maybe ask him out on a date or something. If you get shot down, then hey, at least you tried, and you then have some closure. So make a move first, because as it is, you have no standing to complain. Sorry.

    Also, if you are going to make a move, then again I warn you to do something about your jealousy, preferably BEFORE you make your move, otherwise that crap will poison the relationship. Finally, like SnowBoarder720 says, quit stalking the guy. It's creepy.

    Harsh, but you need to learn this.


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  • you sound like a stalker. You should either forget him, or go for him. Never EVER stalk a guy. Big no no.


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  • I don't think it's unusual, I've certainly been there. Try not to let it get to you :)

  • Definitely you love him,so show it ,he might be using that has a link to make you jealous to see what your action will be nd now that you are reactin it simply means sumtin is missin search for it,it could be love or lust because is nt normal

  • Well there are two different answers if you know the guy and you talk as friends but you like him as more then it is normal but you need to let him now how you feel or he may never get the hint and you will be left in the dust. If its just some guy you Facebook stalk who doesn't know you exist and You don't really know him you only know his looks then maybe you need to talk to him and learn his personality before getting jealous because right now I have no cue what your jealous of if you don't know him and that's not really normal. I'd say if you don't know each other really then strike up a convo but don't be waiting on his every response show him your interested but not upper interested as that would scare him away if its a friend let him know how you feel about him. And if you don't like him but he is just a friend that your jealous of him talking to other girls then maybe you need to make sure your heart isn't inlove with him. I will say I get jealous when my friends talk to other people sometimes cause I'm insecure bout losing them and that's totally normal