Girl doesn't text me back on what app?

For (3 months or so). I've been text with a girl from my student society. We talk about, family, friends, school, sports etc. The chat isn't frequently. (in the beginning it was daily, than for some time weekly, and then daily again).

But since the beginning of the summer vacation (mid July), she doesn't reply any more.

So I asked her if I were to bother her, she should say so. No reply.

So I don't know, if she's: avoiding me, ignoring me or she doesn't want to talk any more.

I also told her, that I fancy her (that was 2,5 weeks ago, when she already didn't reply anymore).


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  • Three times and she isn't replying hmmm sounds like she's no longer interested. Move on


What Guys Said 1

  • She's not interested and/or has phone troubles.