Help, I don't wanna hurt his feelings!

My brother had a friend living with us for awhile. And his friend would have his friends over occasionally. Well this one friend came over only once. And now he's like obsessed with me.

He added me on Facebook and messaged me. Like asking if I knew who is was and stuff. Well at the time, my number was linked to Facebook, it isn't anymore. Lol well anyways, he was always like "you should text me!" And I'd pretty much blow him off and say "yeah maybe" my brother told me, he's kinda weird so I didn't mind him on Facebook but there was no way I'd give him my number.

Well, he got upset with me one time on Facebook Because I never texted him. I didn't respond or even look at it Because I didn't want Facebook saying I saw it.

So what does he do, he texts me. Got my number off my wall and texts me. So yeah.

I barely text him. We barely talk. When he texts me its like "hey what's up how are you? Anything new?" Then it's over.

Well now he's texting me constantly. "We need to hang out." "Why do we never hang out?"

He even gave me this I want something real and I want you. I'm picky when it comes to girls and you're just perfect.

I definitely haven't been leading him on or anything.

He also blew up my Facebook this morning, liking every picture on Facebook of me. Then texts me saying "I'm sorry for blowing up your Facebook but you are just too gorgeous."

I don't wanna be a bitch and be mean. Is there anyway I can let this guy no I'm not interested without hurting him. I don't wanna be stalked or anything.

I was nice but I told him I wasn't interested and didn't know he was interested until just now. I told him that I'm already currently dating someone and now he's posting status about me being a whore. -.- so much for that. I deleted him and blocked his number, guess I should have just been a bitch and ignored him from the start.


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  • A dude like this has a lot of issues already. You really only have two courses of action. First, ignore him and hope it works. Its long, slow, and leaves him in control.

    Second, There is no way to be "polite" and handle this. Be direct. Unfriend him at once. Ignore him. When you see him again either say he's simply not your type and don't explain any further (in otherword a don't get drawn into a "well what is your type?" Discussion) or say that you do not want to date him. He'll try to slip past your decision by proposing you could be friends and respond that you will see him when he's around your brother. Otherwise, you're not interested. Get your brother on board so he keeps the guy at distance. Any guy that obsesses this quickly is giving off red flags. Don't worry about being labelled a "bitch" by a guy whose opinion doesn't matter to you. Worst he can do is talk poorly of you to a bunch of guys who already think he's weird and tease him for getting his sights set on a girl whose clearly out of his league.


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  • just be forward. I'm sorry you're just not my type.

  • Yeah ignoring someone is only hurting them more, it's inevitable that you will hurt him but it must be done!

    It's always best to be up front and honest about your feelings because not telling him is just adding fuel to the fire, and letting feelings grow.

    Best to tell as soon as possible.

    @At update WOW! What a jerk! You should just say to anyone that says anything to you that he is just mad/ butt hurt that you don't feel the same.

  • You tell him that you think he is a nice person but you don't wish to have any more contact with him. Block him from FB.

  • No.

    • I had a cunning thought. Rather than rejecting him, accept him, but act against yourself and use your brother's influence to make yourself sound less than marketable. If be buys this he will leave you alone of his own accord within a very short amount of time.

  • You can't shuck him and not hurt him. He's a f***ing limpet. He's stuck to you like glue. It's going to tear when you have to remove him like a leach.

    Just do it.


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  • Well, ignoring him doesn't do the trick. I suggest the best option is to let him know you're just not into him like that. He's being too much too soon, you've seen him what, once? And he's already saying you're perfect for him and all that.

    I'm afraid not hurting him isn't an option if you want this to stop. Let him know that this has been a bit too much, that you're not into him like that and that you just wanna be friends.

    It probably will hurt him, but sometimes that's necessary to make people see they shouldn't continue that behavior .